Kimchi fried rice

I started making kimchi from last year and it had became our basic. The best time to make it in winter because Chinese cabbage are the sweet and juicy. I usually pickle one cabbage at a time and it’s already good when freshly made but best in around 2 weeks of fermenting. The amazing thing about kimchi is that it lasts forever. It doesn’t rot. While kimchi is fermenting, the hotness get milder and instead gets sour. When kimchi gets sour, it is best eaten as a soup or pan fried it. When the sour kimchi is heated, it release a very unique umami and you would not want to live without it, ever.

Picture above is a typical kimchi fried rice. I won’t write down the amount of ingredient because it can be adjusted anyway you like but will give you some tips.

  • The rice should be cold whether it’s Japanese rice or Jasmin rice.
  • Just because it’s kimchi fried rice, don’t overdo with kimchi. Too much kimchi will make the rice soggy, the kimchi taste will be too strong, the goal is a good balance or rice-kimchi-other ingredient.
  • Pan fry kimchi with a mild sesame seed oil or vegetable oil first. Slowly heat up the kimchi which will milden the sourness and brings the umami out.
  • Add the rice and loosen it with the kimchi.
  • Add other ingredient of your wish. (I added sausage and egg (I pushed the rice to the side of the wok and add the egg, scramble it then mix it with the rice)
  • Taste it. Season accordingly. Preferably salt and if you need more umami, add a little soy sauce. If it taste too spicy add a bit of butter (Yes, butter makes everything better).
  • Place the rice in a plate. You can sprinkle scallion to add color to your fried rice or you can sprinkle crumbled seaweed. (If you are using Korean seaweed, it’s salty so don’t make your fried rice too salty.




  • 冷飯を使う。ジャスミンライスが有れば、より簡単で美味しく作れるよ。
  • キムチを使いすぎるな。キムチは調味料と言う感覚でご飯とのバランスを考えて。
  • 先ずはごま油でキムチをゆっくり炒める事。キムチにゆっくり火を通す事で酸味が和らげ、上品な旨味に変化。
  • そこへご飯投入。パラパラに解す様に炒める。
  • その他、お好みの材料を入れる。上の写真の日はとき卵とウィンナー。卵を入れる場合、ご飯を鍋の淵に寄せて、とき卵を入れて火入れ。半熟になったら全体を混ぜ合わせる。
  • 味見をして味付け。材料を引き立てる程度に塩。旨味が足りなければ醤油。辛すぎるかなぁと思ったらバター。(そう、バターはなんでもおいしくするw)
  • 器に盛り付けて、お好みに青ネギのみじん切り、海苔をパラリ。(韓国のりは塩っぱいので、ご飯の味付けはややマイルドに調整してね。)


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