Fish sauce w/ Japanese pepper

When a Sansho or a Japanese pepper are seen in local market, it gives me a feeling of early summer, May. April is all about cherry blossoms but the weather are still cold with a lot of rain (that is why Sakura sheds off so quickly) but May, the coolness, the rains, seems to shed away and in return the sunlights, the humidity are right on the point, yes it’s one of the best season in Japan.

When I see a batch of Sansho, I just cannot resist buying one. It is sold in small portions in a package size of a Iphone 12 (lol). These fresh Sansho are usually cooked with baby sardines and eaten with rice. But for myself, I usually boil them, then freeze them to put it in a pickle or like the one in the photo, boil them then soak them in fish sauce. The fish sauce version was a hit among us. Just a dash of it in any stir fried gave a new twist to our Japanese, Thai, Chinese repertoire.

How to make: (Make them in small batch so it won’t take up your fridge’s space)

  1. Take a hand full of Sansho, remove the small branches, lightly rinse it.
  2. Boil the water and boil the Sansho just for few minutes.
  3. Pat dry the Sansho and place them into a fertilized jar.
  4. Pour in Fish sauce to cover the Sansho.
  5. It should be good in a month or so and it lasts forever.

Stir fried rice with Sansho fish sauce.

  1. Heat the wok, and when the wok is heated, add oil.
  2. Add cold rice (Yesterday’s leftovers are the best) and loosen them in the wok.
  3. Push the rice to the side of the wok and add egg.
  4. Quickly stir the egg and when its about to set, stir in the rice.
  5. Add Sansho fish sauce, one teaspoon at a time, taste it to get your right saltyness.
  6. You can add scallions, coriander leafs it you want.
  7. Serve it in a flat plate or a soup plate with a spoon.






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