Late night snack

I always try to pick a perfect plate for any occasion. Today’s theme was midnight snacking, the food was freshly baked peanut chocolate cookies. I wanted to keep the color theme dark to match the mood of the room at night.

Our dining room is pretty dark at night. Just a dim pendant lights above our dining table. I know I would be placing the plate on this beautiful Thai placemats (It’s handwoven grass) and the cookies are being brown, I wanted to keep the color theme dark & brown.

I picked a rectangle unknown artist’s plate. It’s glazed in dark green and the stripe pattern resonate with the placemat’s design. The mood call for repetition so the cookies are arranged in that manner.

In Japan these rectangle plates are very common and usually used for placing grilled fish. Also for its long rectangular shape, you can arrange little portions of appetizers, like the ones you get as a starter at a Japanese Kaiseki restaurant. It’s not common in Japan to use this kind of plate in this manner, but I find it sort of fun.






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