Asian Soup plate





Going to wet market in Thai is one of our highlights. We will wake up just before 6am and have a light breakfast and head to the market with my aunty. Morning markets are always full of energy. As you walk into the market, there are fresh or cooked food piled up in mounds, people going around getting some breakfast, buying lunches before going to work, students buying snacks or juices, housewife getting some food for dinner…

When we go to the market in the country side, its also our highlight to have some breakfast there. It is one of the easy ways to taste the local food and you can spot the popular stall very quickly because there is always a crowd around it. Teamwork is very important here at the popular stall, one will hunt and quickly grab a table with the chairs, another will have to work your way into the crowd and get your order across. There are usually tons of food to choose from and you either scream or if you manage to get eye contact, point at the food you want to order. Once the order is made, the lady will swiftly pick up a small plate and place a small mound of freshly cooked Jasmin rice and all the other deli you ordered to go with the rice. You pay as you receive the order and sit at the table, indulge the food with the morning market atmosphere.

As we finish eating our breakfast, we took a good look at the plastic plate and told ourself that we will someday make this plate. The shape is a typical soup plate but the size is a bit smaller to suit the asian size meal. Because of its shape, it will hold a just a right amount of rice with curry with some other veggie as a side, the rims are easily handled while passing the dish around.

The pictured one are one of the first experimental pieces. We used red clay with white slipware then carved out the flower pattern before we bisque fire it. Finished the pieces by painting some blue indigo pigment and glazed it with celadon, oxidation firing to bring out the greens in the glaze. Our interpretation or Asian, edited to suit our modern lifestyle.


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