Kugenuma Gyosho

Nampla or Fish sauce is not only for Southeast Asian cuisine but we do have a Japanese version of Nampla which is call Gyo-Sho. Gyo meaning fish and Sho meaning sauce.

The one in the picture is made in Kugenuma port in Fujisawa city about an hour from my place. When ever I see a local Nampla, I will give it a try. Some are very fishy but this one was very mellow and elegant in taste. I use this as a dressing or a finishing touch. The price is around 800 yen for a 230g bottle which is not too expensive thinking that it is locally made in small lots. If you happen to bump into this, give it a try!



  • 鵠沼魚醤
  • イワシ100%
  • 230g
  • 800円前後
  • 有限会社NORMA



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