Chi-Ayu & Mizu no Mi

I was very lucky and was gifted these. The small fish is called Chi-Ayu, which is a baby sweet fish with egg inside. Ayu or sweet fish are fished in the river high up in the mountain where the water is clean and fresh is a must. Fishing Ayu are allowed only during summer so they are very precious for people like me living in the city. The baby version is even more precious and with the eggs in it’s stomach, you will never find them in the markets around here.

I was told to deep fry it with little flour. I did it and it was amazing. The fish itself was sweet and soft, it just melted in your mouth. You didn’t need to bite at all and the bones was so soft that I forgot the existence of it. I purposely left the guts in its stomach and deep fried them as a whole, and the bitterness of the gut enhance the taste (sweetness) of the Ayu.

Along with the Chi-Ayu, I got a bag of Mizu no Mi, and a Tohoku (Northern Japan) wild plant which represent Autumn. Picture above is the plant before it is boiled, I didn’t know what it was, thought it was some kind of a decoration so decided to take a picture with Chi-Ayu. Nobody around me new about this plant, we had no idea what this was so my mission was to take it home and figure it out.

I googled it and found out what it was and went on my mission to cook it. I made a salad with burdock root, and chicken. The round buds of this plant is crunchy which gives an interesting texture, the plant itself is sticky like a okra plant, it have a earthy aftertaste to it so adding white balsamic was a good choice!





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