Chopping those Cabbages

I’ve uploaded the video via instagram of myself cutting cabbage.

  1. A cabbage
  2. Cut the cabbage in half. ( From top to bottom )
  3. Cut the cabbage sideway in half ( Now I have to top & a bottom half)
  4. 1/2 of the cabbage is cut into two pieces ( 1 whole of a cabbage in 1/4 pieces)
  5. Grab the outer portion (of the one shown in (4)) and separate them in two as illustrated (outer and inner parts)
  6. Place the outer part on the cutting board, try to lay it flat
  7. Chop them
  8. Chop them slowly and as thinly
  9. Take your time
  10. Repeat with the inner section of the cabbage which you had separated in (5)
  11. Grab the lower portion of the cabbage from pic (3 and 4) remove the core and cut them in half
  12. repeat the bottom half from step (5) ~ (10)

As seen as in the illustration, I do not try to chop the cabbage in large parts. From my experience, it’s more difficult to slice it thinly therefore, I separate them in small pieces. I’ll start cutting in 4 pieces as shown above, the divide the piece so it lay more flat on the chopping board. When the cabbage are prepared in this way, it’s easier to handle therefore you can manage to cut it thinner (or any thickness according to your cooking needs)


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