Keikyu Railway, Shinagawa Station.

Everytime I arrive to Shinagawa by Keikyu railway, I alway feel overwhelmed by Keikyu’s platform. I mean look at it. Every color represents different kind of train… Red, blue, green and white. Oh don’t miss the yellow arrow too.

  • Red is for a express trains bound for Yokohama direction.
  • Blue is for a express trains bound for Haneda Airport.
  • Green is for trains bound for Tokyo.
  • White is local train bound for Yokohama direction.
  • The Yellow arrow is the pass way for the people getting off the train so you should keep the passage clear.

People seems to be standing freely in the photo but NO. They are all standing according to the rules written on the platform. Amazing right? Only in Japan. This picture was taken around 11am while it was nice and empty but at the rush hours, when the platform are covered with people lined up, you will feel absolutely lost. lol

If you ever have a chance, try using Keikyu railway. The train itself is a bit larger than the JR (Japan railway) type therefore it runs fast.

For you info, this is the map of the JR’s Shinagawa station.

Also, if you are transiting at JR Shinagawa station, be sure to explore the station. You do not need to go out of the station, just explore in the station. It’s like a small version of shopping mall inside the station! You can get great coffee, have lunch, do a minor gourmet grocery shopping, tons of bento to choose from, bookstores and some cute fashion items to make you happy. You will not believe you are in a station waiting for a next train.

A little Kiosk with everything from a train related souvenir to emergency stockings and our usual things.


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