Yosizaki Takamasa Panorama World : from life-size to the earth

One day while I was flipping through instagram and stumbled across this word by Yosizaka Takamasa. It was about a month since I got back from a month long journey from Thailand, still wondering what kind of impact that trip had on myself. Did it made sense at all? What was the purpose of this whole trip. A month seemed long but actually time flied so fast. From this experience, what kind of a future do I want to lead myself?


This is the word which I stumbled into. こちらが遭遇した言葉。

I recommend you to travel sometime.

No need of money nor time, just a traveling for your soul.

For a soul who just wanders within it’s own body,

To let it leap out of it’s body,

Travel inside someone else’s body, or to jump up high into the sky

A journey somewhere afar as you can view the whole universe.

So far that all the stars, the galaxy can be viewed as a small soul,

then, comeback to your body

Still with the slight warmth felt your heart, quietly look back to where you had been

you shall realize a smile in your face.

When happiness rises from your heart, everything turns into beauty and your life turn lively.

If you have some obstacle, the path will appear to conquer it.

When you are filled with happiness, the surroundings

Can’t help but be happy

I wish the world is like this, that would be such a happiness

Where am I ?  Recommendation for traveling.
by Yosizaki Takamasa

I’m still not sure why these word had such an impact on me. I guess it’s just the feeling of lost at that moment but yet I felt hope for my unseen future.


So, who is Yosizaki Takamasa. He was an Japanese architect. A son of a bureaucrat family (and his mom being a zoologist) made him live abroad when he was young. He grew up in Swiss and with this background, while he was teaching at Waseda University, he took a break from teaching a flew abroad to work in the famed Le Corbusier studio for 2yrs.


I was so blown away by this exhibition. I felt his philosophy and his love toward the world through his sketches and writings. His model was somehow poetic and the feeling moved me.


His studies of flipping the map upside down and show us the whole new point of view was mind opening. The relationship between Japan and the Asian continent as the land repeats it’s merging and splitting in the pass centuries. His studies of the old town in Sendai and Korea and it’s resemblance was very interesting too.


It was an eye opening exhibition. My partner joking said, 90% of the visitors are architect ! It was sure packed with every kind of architect. LOL


The exhibition took place at Museum of Contemporary art Tokyo. It is located at the downtown part of the city. Below are some photo dumps from that day.




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