Mul Kimchi, a week later

I’ve been enjoying Mul kimchi and it’s almost gone. (Have to make another batch soon.) I also enjoyed it in the cold noodle too! This is not an authentic way but, I boiled one chicken breast and kept the boiling liquid as a broth and let the soup cooled down in the fridge then I mix the soup with 1 part soup : 1 part mul kimchi liquid. I tasted the soup and added salt and some soy sauce. I tried to make the soup just a tad stronger because when you add the noodles it will water down the soup. I topped this dish with (ofcourse) mul kimchi, sliced chicken breast, cucumber, tomato and pear! I was super refreshing in the hot and humid asian summer.


By the way this is the noodle I used for the cold noodle. I just used the noodle and threw the sauce away.



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