One For The Road

One for the road / プアン・友達と呼ばせて

Last month I went to see this movie. Overall review of the movie itself 3.5 out of 5. It wasn’t an super exciting story, a road story of a two young man, going back their past etc.. I felt really weird seeing a Thai language movie in Japan and enjoying it without the subs…


Right now in Japan, it’s like a mini Thai culture boom. I say mini because it’s not a major one but when I walk into a book store, the Thai language section is increasing, more books than Chinese, other European languages, for me was very shocking (in a good way ofcourse), but people here in Japan are enjoying Thai culture much more than before. All these boom had started with a Boy love drama and just last week the actors (about 10 of them) had a big concert in Yokohama. In the city center of the main tourist spot of Yokohama was posters of these Thai actor/idols everywhere.


Back to the movie. The story was OK. The cinematography was very an homage to Wong Kar-wai. Yes Wong Kar-wai co-directed (I don’t know if this is accurate but he advised) the film too. The portray of the character, the subtle things that the film showed really caught my mind afterward. The rich and the poor, the happiness and the depression, whichever side you are, either rich or poor, there were some sort of shadow, something like a destiny that you can’t change but just to embrace it… Maybe if I see this movie again I can catch more of these subtle things, things that being a Asian can sympathize.



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