Surugaya at Yokohama Sogo

It was one hot afternoon in July and decided to take a break at my favorite Japanese sweet shop. This place which I stopped by is located at Yokohama Sogo department store. The cafe is located on the 6th floor and it’s way, way back so it a bit difficult to find. The good part is that not all know this place so the place is not so packed and it’s pretty easy to get a seat. Surugaya is an old establishment from Osaka, therefore they serve good udons too. I really like to come here by myself to get a quick rest. Here you can get traditional Japanese desserts and some casual food. The picture below is “Hiyashi zenzai” chilled sweetened red bean soup with mochi and “Ammitsu” a dessert bowl of agar jellies, mochi, fruits, azuki beans, icecream and some fruit (you pour a brown sugar syrup before you eat them. I’ll post a reel on our instagram).



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