Christie Harajuku

Christies at Harajuku never disappoint me. It’s in the middle of the packed Takeshita street with lots of tourist but because it’s hidden in the side street or because the old looking storefront was established 40yrs ago, the place doesn’t attract young teenager’s so the place is never packed. When you walk in the spacious cafe, the interior are decorated with nicknacks which hints us the owner’s love for tea. Large windows located at the entrance brings tons of natural light indoor which makes the atmosphere breathable.


The customer varies from young & old, men & women, single to a group of people. I never feel lost at this place due to the variety of people all doing their daily things rather than a tourist packed cafe on the main street. The food and the cakes are all made in the cafe according to the owner’s recipe. It’s down to earth, nothing too fancy but very soothing like when you goto your grandma’s place. The teas they serve are Musica teas from Kobe and of course brewed perfectly.


It was a hot afternoon when I stopped by Christies. I opened the menu for my lunch options and saw a seasonal menu of cucumber sandwich! I love “good” cucumber sandwiches, like the ones you get at classic hotels or old school cafe in London or any other cities influence by the English. I order one and just like I said in the beginning, Christies didn’t disappointed me. The thinly slice brown bread with caraway seed, the mayo, mustard, the layers of thinly sliced cucumber for such a refreshing treat on a hot summer day.


Christies Harajuku


Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 1-16-1

TEL 03-3478-6075 ・ 03-3401-2866


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