Solo lunch at home, Aug till early Oct

Solo lunch at home is usually composed of leftovers remade into something else. Sometime it’s just a matter of re-heating the food, sometime it goes experimental by trying something new and don’t care much if it turns out good or bad because it’s just a Solo lunch !


Cooking daily from day to night means it’s a on going process, not like preparing something special like Christmas or any kind of parties, which the process is carefully planned and ends in a couple of day (including the preparations). Daily cooking is smartly taking in seasonal produce and making it work 1 to 3 days, each days overlapping with something new to please your appetite and curiosity.


I’ve decided to make notes to the ones I took pictures of by blogging it time to time. Taking these picture was not planned. It all happened coincidently. The lighting was maybe good, the selection of tableware was worth to note or the food was just good.


Aug 9: Cabbage and anchovy pasta

I had a small portion of cabbage and pasta and wanted to use it up so this is what I made. In a sauce pan I cooked 2 anchovy fillet, 1 thinly sliced garlic & red pepper with olive oil. When the ingredients starts to sizzle lower the heat and cook them a little bit more (but do not brown them) and turn the heat off and set it aside. Boil the pasta with salt and just a minute before it is cooked, add the cabbage and finish cooking the pasta. When the pasta is cooked, drain them and add it to the pan with the anchovy and garlic and cook them together. (You can add some boiling water to emulsify the sauce). Place the pasta on the place and drizzle extra olive oil and enjoy.


Aug 29: Soba and Tamago-yaki

I remember that I had a busy helping my bro for 3-4days. This meal, for lunch the next day, when everything was signed sealed and delivered, I found out that had nothing left in my fridge (because I didn’t had time to cook while helping out my bro). I looked through my pantry and found 1 servings of soba noodles so I just boiled them. I had soba sauce (not just for soba but for extra help when I have no time to make Japanese broth) and some wasabi. My partner’s mom got some sushi for us last night and had some rolled eggs left so that went well with this simple soba lunch combo.


Aug 31: Luroufan (Minced pork rice)

I made a large batch of Luroufan and had that for lunch.


Sept 27: Peanut congee

It’s end of September in Japan and fresh peanut is in season! Chiba, (were Narita Int. Airport is located) is famous of peanut. You can get them in anyways, roasted, buttered, salty or sweet but the best to enjoy them is the fresh ones! Just wash off the dirt and boiled it for about 40 min in salted water ( for 1L add 1 Tbs of salt) and when it’s done, turn the heat off and leave them in hot water for 5 more min. Drain them and enjoy them.

Last yr, when I was going through my fridge I found some of these boil peanut leftovers. I added them to my hot rice congee and loved it so much. The sweetness and the softness of the hot rice vs the nutty crunchy but soft different kind of sweetness peanut in one mouth was just so addictive.


Oct 1 : Peanut congee with leftovers

Yes, again. This is how much I love peanut congee. This time I added some assorted pickles (Umeboshi, Korean pickled plum marinated in gochujang and miso, pickled daikon radish, pickled spaghetti squash in Sake lees (Hakkaisan sake to be accurate), Mentaiko (egg roes). I had some Thai pickles (Mustard leaf) so I stir fried it with egg (used sesame oil to fry and seasoned with soysauce). Every single thing in these are leftover or just some preservative stored in my fridge (or in room temp).


Oct 7: Beef tomato stew with Chinese spices

To be honest I am not satisfied with this dish at all, everything was too strong so I will have to find a better recipe . For lunch I dilute the soup with water and added thick Thai rice noodle and it wasn’t that bad.


Oct 10: Leftover with rice

The appearance of the meal completely changes with tablewares. I placed all the leftover into small plates arranged in a Japanese Inn style. (Yes, those meals when you get to eat staying in Japanese Inns)

In the round salad plate, stir fried carrot and burdock, stir fried konnyaku (arum root made into jelly like blocks), and stir fried Chinese mustard pickles with egg. In small plates, simmered pumpkin in dashi broth, Korean water kimchi, tofu and minced pork soup and rice with a slice of daikon pickles. Each portion was small but the presentation made it such a satisfying meal!



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