LES ANGES BAIE レ・ザンジュ・ベイ

When I encounter a marron pie, I buy. You don’t usually encounter these unless it’s in season and if it’s like the one in the picture, the round ones, it’s a must.


My first encounter goes way back. 35yrs? lol. My dad use to go and get these on the weekends. I’ll be waiting in the car while he is shopping and when back home, he will reheat these in the oven in the lowest temperature so not to burn them. We will have them for midday snacks or for breakfast with a cup of coffee. I wonder if it was his favorite or was it my moms ? Whichever is the case, it was the fact that I had these pies as often as I wish.


Buying these had became my habit and when I encounter the delicious ones, I buy them for my parents. I will place it in a plastic container, each carefully wrapped with a waxed paper and will fly with me back to Thai. Thai have billons of good food but they are just somethings that can’t beat the Japanese ones. It’s not about the techniques because Thai chef are nowadays well trained but its all about sourcing the best ingredients.


I was in town yesterday and was in the walking distance from LES ANGES BAIE so dropped by. Its main branch is in Kamakura, which is called LES ANGES. Established in 1982, LES ANGES’s beautiful guesthouse like cafe serves freshly baked goods and cakes.


LES ANGES BAIE is not in Kamakura but in central Yokohama near the port. The concept of this store is a bit different compared to the one in Kamakura. First they sell bread and pastries (Kamakura store doesn’t). They focus on the butter and uses the best, Isigny AOP butter from Normandy for their products. I love butter but my life is not so buttered and when consumed too much I feel sort of heavy in my stomach therefore I don’t eat regularly, but as I mention earlier, when I find a good looking marron pie, I break my rules just too easily.


To be honest, LES ANGES BAIE’s marron pie was really good. Underneath the thin layer of pie, it was literally stuffed with marron paste with one whole marron in the center. It wasn’t so sweet, the pie was filled butter and liqueur aroma from the start till the end. Though the favor was rich, the overall experience was very fresh and light. OK, I’m taking these to BKK on my next trip as a gift to my mom. (If I can get hands on them.)


LES ANGES BAIE also have it’s own cafe on the second floor which specialized in Marron!!! They also serves nicoise-style salad with tea for lunch but beware for the queue !




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