restaurant ZEYTIN

In central Yokohama there are several Turkish restaurant and ZEYTIN is one of them. It’s a rather a new comer, opened in around 5,6 years ago. I’ve never tried the place but been here 20yrs ago when it was a organic restaurant. We had an appointment in the area and it was so close to ZEYTIN and decided to give it a try.


ZEYTIN’s lunchtime starts from 11:30 and we arrived around 11:40. The place was already half filled. They serve variety of lunch sets and this weeks special menu was mackerel sandwich which is an annual menu. I ordered the mackerel and my husband ordered grill chicken with butter rice. As we waited for the food, people keep coming in till the place was filled and the rest have to wait outside. ZEYTIN is not located in a busy area but seeing people keep coming in, I realized that this place is very popular among the locals.


Finally our food came and both my mackerel and his chicken was huge. The grilled chicken was soft and juicy, flavored just on spot. Grilled mackerel sandwich was also good. As I looked around, maybe around 80% of the guest was ordering the sandwich. Even thought it may be a Turkish meal, it tasted very natural for Japanese. It’s still exotic but yet felt very common to our taste bud. The lunch set is served with a cup of soup, salad and on weekdays a cup of black tea in a Turkish glass cup. I wanted to stay a little longer and order the Turkish dessert, seeing the line forming outside, we decided to leave as soon as we are done. Anyway, it you love Turkish, you should give it a try.


ちなみにこちらは夫を待っているときに書いたスケッチ。Sketch I made while I was waiting for my husband in this area.


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