Walking around Tobe area

Hiro (My husband) had been working as a part-timer delivery man for 6 month around a year ago. He was unexperienced and the job was super tough. He left the house around 6am and back around 9pm working 15 hours a day, 5 ~ 6 day a week. Overtime was never paid due to its tricky system and the work environment was very stressful. Even in this circumstances there were some good things too, he had a good co-worker who alway helped him out and the people in the neighbor he was in charge was kind. Anyway after this crazy 6 month Hiro had always told me he would like to go back to the neighborhood’s shrine to pay respect to the area he worked. So, the picture above is him paying respect at Ganki Inari Shrine.


Since we are going to that area, I asked him if he can take me to the local Japanese sweet shop which he was praising all the time. The map above, the area shaded in yellow is called Tobe area. (You can click the map to see the real one) Tobe area is one station away from Yokohama station and it’s closet stations are Tobe station (Keikyu railways) and Takashima-cho station (Yokohama municipal subway). It pretty close to the Minato Mirai, Sakuragi-cho area but more on the hillside. It’s a very old neighborhood with mostly small houses or apartments.


A lot of shops in this area is out of business due to the owner’s retirement. The shutters like the one in the picture above are sometime decorated like this to liven the area. The illustration was designed by the local 6 graders.


Another interesting thing in this area is that in those vacant shops, slowly but steadily, younger generations are moving in with a new business. The one in the picture above is a bagel shop. You cannot walk in to buy the bagels because the breads are all reserved beforehand. Those people lining up are those who made the reservation and given a time to come to the store…. I don’t have all the pictures but as we drove through, we found a 2 cake stores too.


This is the Japanese Mochi store I’ve been craving for. You would never recognize the store because it’s a bit hidden. This place is not famous at all but kept as a secret among the locals. The sweets are all freshly made in the morning and when I was at the store, around 11 am, 70% of the items were already sold out.


I wanted to eat as soon as possible but we had other chores so waited till the evening. The mochi was really soft and the Azuki paste was really good. I’m going back here to get some more.




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