Hokkaido (1) by coincident ?!

Was it just 2 nights and 3 day trip to Hokkaido? It seemed like I was there for a week. The trip wasn’t planned, we were planning for a short distance trip (like a 3 hour drive by car) but what made us ended up in the northern Japan? We were discussing about taking a short vacay, to clear our mind, to relax a bit before the New Year. There were many, many options but I wasn’t enthusiastic about it at all. It could be pretty much anywhere but anywhere seemed so costly.


Then, Hiro my partner said, what about Hokkaido? Air tickets aren’t so expensive if we use LCC and Japanese government are doing a Go To Travel campaign which if you travel, they will give you some coupons… Hummm, I went a bit further and suggested, “why don’t we use this Japan Airline mileage campaign call [Go somewhere with 6000 mile].”


This is a unique campaign by JAL, with only 6000 mile you can get a roundtrip to anywhere in Japan (which are usually around 12000 miles for a roundtrip in Japan), but with one little exception. You don’t know where you are going. LOL It’s sort of like a mystery trip with a little hint. First you can choose the airport you want to fly out from. For us this will be Haneda airport. Next you choose the date of travel, approximate time of departure and arrival back to Haneda. With these infos, JAL will come up with 4 destinations for you. The combination of the 4 destinations can be changed by reshuffling the combo until you are pretty much pleased with the 4 choices (there are a limit for reshuffling and I think it was around 12 times) . When you had made up your mind, you push the submit button. In 2 to 3 days there will be an email from JAL telling you where you are flying! The four destination we submitted was, Yamaguchi Ube (good sake spot), Sapporo (where we wanted to go), Fukuoka (never a bad choice) and  Asahikawa (another city north from Sapporo famous for a Zoo). 2 days after the submission, we got an email saying that our destination is———-[Sapporo] !! Yay, we got the destination we wanted to go!


After I emailed to Hiro that we landed a ticket to Sapporo, he quickly made a reservation to an old Onsen establishment he wanted to go. I spent several days researching the area and noted all the info in my traveler’s notebook. >>>To be continue




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