Hokkaido (8) Sweet tooth

Hiro standing in front of Rokkakutei a famous confectionary in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido is food heaven. When there is a Hokkaido fair in Yokohama (or anywhere in Japan) it is always packed with people. Everybody have their own Hokkaido favorite and will rush to the fair before it sold out. I also have my favorite Hokkaido delicacies, I am a food lover, I therefore wanted to try all the craved Hokkaido gourmet but that wish will never come true in just 2 days. How can I get an overview of Hokkaido goodies in one shot?? We came up with an idea, breakfast at a hotel. Not just an hotel but an old established one.


We picked Sapporo Grand Hotel, the first western style hotel in Sapporo city. It’s an old hotel so some of the menu might be out of date but my priorities was not trending dishes but just a glass of really fresh milk, yogurt, cured meat, some regional dishes and if lucky, a croissant made with real Hokkaido butter.


I’m not a milk lover, I don’t like the after taste that lingers in my mouth. I can’t digest it well to, so therefore we never have milk in our fridge. I only buy it when I need them for cooking. Hiro once told me how good the fresh milk is in Hokkaido, if I ever go, I have to give it a chance. I so therefore did. It was sweet, fresh with no after taste left in my mouth. Wow, a good introduction of Hokkaido indeed. I couldn’t try all the dishes at the morning buffet because there was tons to choose from but managed to get hold on fresh yogurt, sausages, some regional dishes and a good croissant.


Our flight back to Yokohama is in the afternoon so we did some morning stroll around our hotel checking some of the famous confectionary in the area. Kitakaro Honten is located just around the corner from our hotel, it’s main branch building was a library builded in 1926. In 2016 the interior of the building was renovated by Tadao Ando the renown Architect. Kitakaro is famous for their rice crackers and their soft Baumkuchen. Next we visited Rokkatei Honten which is my favorite Hokkaido confectionary. They make my favorite raisin butter sandwich and many more sweets. Their motto is always keeping their products down to earth & simple, recreating old school favorites by using the best Hokkaido ingredients.


Next we made a quick stop at D&Department Sapporo to check some design oriented products. 90% of the products was same as the store in Tokyo with just a small corner featuring Hokkaido products. We found some fragrance inspired by Hokkaido forest. D&Department is a concept store established by a product designer Kenmei Nagaoka and you can read about their philosophy here.

時間がまだ少し有ったのでバスでD&Department Sapporoへ。デザイン目線から北海道グッズがあるかなと。行ってみると、東京の店舗と品揃えはほぼ同じですが、小さい北海道コーナーが有った。香りもので面白い物を発見。同じビルの2階にも素敵な雑貨屋が有り(ろばのこ)子供の絵本がメインなのですが、スウェーデンの老舗テキスタイルブランド「エーケルンド」の代理店で品揃えが素晴らしかった。布ものに弱いのよね、私。

Shopping tips in Sapporo: In any department stores in Sapporo. Check there food floor which is usually in the B1 or B2. There is a store called Kita Kitchen in Sapporo city and airport which specialized in Hokkaido products (mainly food). The last minute shopping but the best is at the Shin-Chitose Airport. I couldn’t belief the amount of merchandise in an airport shopping mall. If shopping in airport, be prepared, you will need at least an hour or two to fully enjoy the place. >>> To be continued with our last post on Hokkaido, what I shopped and took back home from Hokkaido.




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