Merry Christmas!


Tis the Christmas season has arrived! Christmas didn’t really hit me until I passed by our local Wagashi (Japanese sweet) shop this morning. Yes in the midst of the chaotic store front, strawberry shortcake all tightly displayed out on the road side. Yes it’s cold enough to leave it out there but every year I pass by this, this truly Showa era-ish display makes me smile…(Not to mention that the spelling of Shortcake (in Japanese) is also pronounced wrong lol)


What really hits me hard is that the strawberries are always sunk in the whipped cream with the leaf on. And what makes it even funny is that when I asked for it, the old lady comes out and grab the cake from the top bare handed LOL… OK, this year is better, she neatly put the cake in a small box but last year, she put these in a thin paper bag and I had to be really careful not to crush them.. Love, love, love these downtown vibes so much. Merry Christmas ya all. Enjoy the festive season.


Bonus*This is our little Christmas corner in our house. I try too keep it as simple as possible. It’s always the same items on display every season but this year I added a coral we picked up at a beach in Phuket. Reminder of our lovely vacay in Thailand this year.


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