Spring is here.


Hello there, I’m been out for such a long time….

I’m writing this on March 6. So many things has passed by since my last post in December…..

Sending a New Year card is also a Japanese custom. This was ours and is an illustration of our flat with a rabbit (Year of the rabbit) in the moon.

First of all, New Year in Japan is a big deal.

New Year prep started right after the Christmas from cleaning the house and decoration, shopping for food and preparing it. When it’s finally New Year, meeting and greeting the elders so therefore family gatherings is a must, the table will be filled with food with auspicious meaning to bring in luck to the family.

Japanese visit shrines to pay respect during the first 3 day of the New Year, so it’s usually very crowded but it’s a must. We usually goto at least 2 shrines, the local one which worship the god near our house and a bigger one which covers the whole town or province. We will return our old amulet and buy a new one to place it in our altar at home.

Then comes along the Lunar New Year which the Chinese descendant in Japan celebrate and I am Chinese Thai and the city I live, Yokohama is famous for it’s Chinatown so of course we will head down to Chinatown to prep for this too.

When all the New Year related event is over, then comes the spring related event, starting from [SETSUBUN] Feb 3 which marks the end of winter to welcome the first day of spring which is [RITSUSHUN] Feb 4 and leads us to [SHUNBUN] Mar 21 the Spring equinox.

March is a very symbolic month for the Japanese, it’s a month of graduation. Depending on which part of Japan you are living it’s the month of the famous Sakura to start blooming, it’s a month of saying farewell to you old classmate and preparing for a new life which starts in April.

So as you can see, as the new years starts in Japan, time flys and move very quickly toward spring which in a way we are preparing for a true “New Year” which starts from March – April.

In these past months, I wasn’t that busy, but I had things going on in my real life and couldn’t get the momentum to blog on the internet. As you can see, I am trying to blog in two languages and that had become a lot of stress for me. Blogging in either English or Japanese is OK but both felt very awkward.

I was considering dropping the Japanese part out of this blog but that felt wrong, because there are some Japanese readers too. I have been contemplating about this since the New Year and couldn’t come up with the answer but today, the idea just popped out. I’ll continue blogging in two languages but the English text and the Japanese text will be different. This doesn’t means that the content will be different but the point of view / interest may shift depending on the cultural background so the outcome may differ a bit.

I think this change will make my blogging more natural to both languages and therefore less awkward from my point of view. Thank-you for your patience and hope my little attempt will open the door to the Asian cultures and understand it more.











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