February Veggies and the change of season

I got my biweekly delivery of organic vegetable on the first week of February. This was my final winter veggie delivery until the summer veggies are available. In May!!!! In my area this change of season, or pre harvest month are usually from Mar till Apr during the spring time and Aug till Sept during the Autumn. I didn’t expect the delivery will take a break so early in the spring but the farm that I’m in touch with is a small farm and I’ll just have to depend on other source for a while. As you can see in the picture, there weren’t much selection, and even added a large Amanatsu mandarin to the set.


This month’s veggies was:

  • Komatsuna or Japanese spinach小松菜
  • Spinachほうれん草
  • Daikon radish大根
  • Turnipsかぶ
  • Burdock root牛蒡
  • Spring onion長ネギ
  • Amanatsu mandarin甘夏
  • Lemonレモン

Some pictures of foods I cooked on Feb:

Karaage (Japanese style deep fried chicken) with chopped cabbage, deep fried tofu topped with shredded daikon, bonito flakes and drizzled soy sauce, miso soup with leftover veggies.

I had around 3 daikon in my fridge and had to do something about it so, (from left to right) I shredded and topped on deep fried tofu, slice in miso soup, topped on hot pot with udon noodles as a garnish, (bottom row from left to right) simmered in with fish balls in an oden style, topped on cold soba noodles with tempura of maitake mushroom, spring onions and burdock root.

This was a plain Japanese dinner of, grilled salt cured salmon, simple potato salad, grated daikon (to be eaten with a drizzle of soy sauce, pan fried carrot & burdock root with soy sauce (a Japanese dish called kimpira Goboh), rape blossom dressed with tofu and a bowl of miso soup with leftover veggies.



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