Henry’s Burger

Super Yummy Hamburgers

Once in a while I have a craving for a good burgers. I don’t usually eat beef, especially hamburgers and whenever I crave for it I end up eating at a fast food store which I always regret in the end. My childhood fantasy of a good fast food hamburger are just a fantasy in real life. I always tell myself, it might taste good….but never. (With an exception of shake shacks, Mos burgers and Burger king (which some menu passes))

Anyway, I wanted a real good burger. So good that I will be satisfied and won’t crave it for a while. ( Do that ever happen thou LOL) I was eyeing on Henry’s Burger for a while, I didn’t mind going by myself but knowing my hubby is a burger lover, I didn’t want to upset him so waited for a while until we both wanted a good burger and didn’t mind going all the way to Tokyo just for it….!

There are two branches of Henry’s Burger in Tokyo, one in Daikanyama, their first and Jiyugaoka their second. Daikanyama is a tiny store and seats only 6?, it’s already a famous place and usually crowded so we decided to go to Jiyugaoka which is fairly new and less crowded.

What is special about Henry’s burger? They use 100% Kuroge Wagyu without any fillings. Their buns are ordered and made to enhance the patty, the toppings are as simple as possible to enjoy the meat itself. So, how was it? It was really good. Hamburger in it’s simplest form, buns, patties, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sauce. The beef patty have a strong flavor, yes because it’s Kuroge Wagyu but the aftertaste isn’t heavy at all. You are filled but, you feel like you can go for a second one. (Just saying…)

If you are in Tokyo and crave for a good Wagyu burger, give Henry’s burger a try.




なんかこう、シンプルだけど(レストラン的な感じではなく)、満足いく所が無いかなぁと前々から気になってたHenry’s Burgerへやっとこ行ってみたら、美味しかった。黒毛和牛のつなぎなしのパティーに基本中の基本的なフィリングだけど(トマト、レタス、チーズ、オリジナルソース)、シンプルってやっぱり正解って再認識。しっかりした味わいだけど、後味さっぱりで、もう一個行けそうじゃない?と、一瞬よぎってしまうから凄いよね。


Henry’s burger Jiyugaoka branch:

Henry’s burger Daikanyama branch:



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