Akiyama Shoten at Tsukiji Fish Market

It’s been a while since my last visit to Tsukiji Fish Market but this Mar – April, I made a couple visit to Tsukiji. When go to Tsukiji, this is my must buy — Katsuobushi (Bonito flakes) from Akiyama Shoten. This is my favorite katsuobushi and when I make a Japanese style broth, these makes the best clear broth. I also use this a lot for toppings, on Yakisoba (Japanese style stir fried noodles), on veggies, a few flakes of this in a soup with a dash of soy sauce will make a simple soup, the usage of this is endless.

If you happen to be in Tsukiji, if you want to try cooking Japanese, grab a bag of these. They sell by grams, 300gram 500grams etc. Don’t open the bag until you’re home and for storing, put it in a ziplock bags and store them in freezer.

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