Bridge Coffee & Ice cream

A coffee shop in the historic Eagle Building

The first three weeks of April, I commuted several times to downtown Tokyo, to the area called Bakurocho. Bakurocho is in the eastern side of the Tokyo and is a wholesale district. This place was not a tourist destination but in several years, younger generation are opening new concept store in vacant stores which are attracting younger generations and because it’s quite close to Akihabara, Asakusa, Ueno area, I’ve notice quite a lot of foreign tourist staying around here (There lots of small business hotel in this area.)

I stopped by at Bridge Coffee and Ice cream because it was right around the corner from the place I had to commute for 3 weeks. My first visit happen to be on their 11th Anniversary and by talking with the staff, found out that they moved to this place 6yrs ago from Kappabashi. I realized that I went to their Kappabashi branch around 11yrs ago, yes when they just opened! The cafe caught my eye back then because there were flowers in the store front celebrating the opening. Wow, what a coincidence! I decided to order their special menu to celebrate the anniversary.

Bridge Coffee & Ice cream serves American style coffee. Their food menus are muffins, scones, brownies, pound cakes, sandwiches and ice cream. They do hand drip coffees but their main are expresso based coffees. The price is a bit high on my opinion and the taste is above average but not super. What makes this place so popular? There is no competition in the area. There are Bridges like places but the taste and the ambiance can’t beat Bridge.

Bridge’s ambiance is a gem. Not too modern or old. The relaxed feeling makes this place comfortable for hours by yourself or with a friend. What makes this place more special is the building Bridge is located in. The building is call Eagle Building and was built around 1930, right after the Great Kanto Earthquake. The construction was done in its best at that time to withstand any other earthquake and ended up one of the only few to withstand countless air-raids during the Pacific War (1941-1945). While most of the building was burnt down during the air-raids, people ran in here and sheltered from the bombs. At lot of history is behind this building and it was such a pleasure to witness this beautiful building with a cup of coffee. (When you visit Bridge, do grab a pamphlet with the explanation of the Eagle Building.)

A Little note in Japanese


Bridge Coffee & Ice creamに立ち寄ったのは仕事が思っていた以上に早く終わり、帰り道をちょっと大回りして帰った事で発見したカフェ。この日も昼抜きだったので、なんかちょこっとお腹に入れてから電車に乗ろうと立ち寄りました。平日の午後だった事でお客様も数人しかおらず静か。お天気も良かったので外の席に座る事にしました。







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