Beni-shoga 紅生姜

When freshly harvested ginger are sold in the markets I make a batch of Beni-Shoga or Ginger pickled in red plum vinegar. I’ve tried several method and settled with one which I’m sharing today. It’s super easy if you can get some plum vinegar. Plum vinegar are expensive if you’re buying but if you are planning to make Umeboshi (pickled plum), the plum vinegar will be made while the plums are pickling.



How to:

Start with a small batch first and if you enjoyed the outcome you can double or triple the volume. You will need, 1)freshly harvested ginger, about 250 grams, (2) salt, about 3% of the weight of the ginger and (3)red plum vinegar, enough to cover the ginger.

You do not need to peel the skin off the ginger but do wash out all the dirt carefully. Then slice the ginger about 2,3mm and put them in a bowl. Add salt to the bowl with the ginger and toss the ginger to evenly distribute the salt. Leave it for around 30 t0 an hour to let the ginger release it’s liquid and soft enough to squeeze excess liquid with your palm.

Squeeze the excess liquid from the ginger, place the ginger on a tray and let it sit outside in a shade to let it dry for about 3-4 hour. Thinly slice the ginger and place it in a container and pour red plum vinegar enough to cover the ginger. Leave it in room for a day to let the vinegar settles in the ginger and then store it in the fridge. You can store it for around a year.




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