What is Oranudh Syndicate ?


If I was to name my project, my dream was to use the word [Syndicate].


The word [Syndicate] sounded scary, mysterious but most of all it sounded plain cool. Adding it to my name seemed so mismatch, awkward, and gives me a funny sensation lol. [Syndicate] also reminded me of old Yokohama. A port city, were they use to be lots of gangs, hipster hanging around and the energy they impose, their thirst for something new alway inspired me.

横濱ぽさってなんだろうって仕事を通じて20年ほど追い続けて来たのですが、追えば追うほど遠ざかって行く気がしました。掴めそうで掴めない。20年たって辺りを見渡すと横濱らしさってどんどん消えて行くと言う危機感すら感じる。先人に“浜っ子はね、東京の真似なんかするもんじゃね。あんな流行ばかり追っててもカッコ悪い。浜には浜の粋ってのがあるんだよ。” 先人達に宿っている精神が一番浜っぽいのかもしれない。結局その街を作り上げているのはそこに暮らす人々。海外に行っても一番魅力を感じている人々が生き生きと暮らしている街。じゃあ、今の横濱は?商店街は暮らしている人々よりも観光客受けする謎めいた物ばかりが増築されているのは気のせいなのか。気の利いた惣菜屋が消え、洒落たスーパーは観光客にはカッコよく映るが、閉店前のそのスーパーで値引きされた惣菜を奪い合って買う市民ってカッコいいの?

What exactly is Yokohama? I’ve been trying to grasp the concept of Yokohama for the pass 25yrs but the more I try, I seem to lose it. Looking back my at my journey, a lot of things that represents the city are gone and starting to look like any other city in the world. This feeling & view haunts me. I had met a lot of elderly of so-called [Hamak-ko] a nickname for a local Yokohama citizen, they will tell me, “Stop following those new trends and try to be cool, leave those to the Tokyo kids. We (Hamak-ko) are always curious about something new but we don’t follow them, we may used them but edit it into something else that resonate the spirit of Yokohama.” So, what is the Yokohama spirit? These elder’s attitudes are my most closest to what Yokohama is.

It is a rarities to find such mentors. Most of them are up in the sky, including my father in law. People are the essence of the what the city is. The city of Yokohama had always been unique, which was the first official city in Japan to open it’s port to accept foreigners 160yrs ago. Guest from the wide-wide world jammed into the city with different culture. Yokohama people accept it with curiosity and adapted foreign culture with grace and made it their own.


Long gone the golden age of the Yokohama city but the city still attracts lots of tourist. The word “Yokohama” still rings a bell to a lot of Japanese as something new and cool. As a citizen of this town for 30yrs, the landmark of what represent the city, the restaurants, the shops the view had changed or gone. The little shops owned by the Hamak-ko diminished one by one and turn into another franchised store. The streets are clean and fancy to serve the tourist’s fantasy but local suffer from it’s uselessness. The city favors tourist more than it’s citizen. As I mentioned before, people are the one who make up the city. I travelled all over the world and the city bustling with locals enjoying their daily lives are the livest and the best place to visit.

Oranudh Syndicate is a quest to express what the Yokohama spirit is. What it’s like living in this city, the things, places, culture that I truly belief and love. I am a foreigner in this country but I’m Japanese in spirit, the Japanese-ness inside me is very so deep. lol Also to bring out the Hamak-ko in myself, I would want to merge my second heritage, Thai, into this project. Yes, Hamak-ko always welcome new cultures, mix them up and make it into something new. I will challenge myself to live up to my passion, my love of cooking, mix matching different cultures and make it work in the city of Yokohama.

P.S. I am not a born writer and will make a lot of typo mistake. I will try to correct them as I go and improve as I go so bare with me !

a little bit about Oranudh Masuda


I am a Thai born in Bangkok then moved to Japan when I was 2 month old. Due to my father’s job, our family moved from Tokyo to Ashiya and settled in Kobe while I attended Canadian Academy, an international school from grade 1 to 12. After my high school education I flew abroad to USA to enroll an art school in Rhode Island. Studied in a major of illustration and graduated with a BFA degree at Rhode Island School of Design.


After graduated from the art school, came back to Japan with no connection and experience what so ever. I decided to help my mom’s business on importing Thai products and sell them in department store and fairs all over Japan. With this experience, I’ve traveled all parts of Japan, and learned how to buy, sell, organize, display the products. I also learned about how the business go around in Japan.


As I was helping my mom’s business, I couldn’t give up my urged to do something creative. My parter invited me to work as a designer under his father’s porcelain business. I quit my mom’s job and join the design team. I started as a illustrator for the client’s order and soon assigned to design an original dinnerwares. During this experience I learned how the printmaking process of the dinnerware is, what kind of illustration should i prepare to suit this, the history of tableware itself and the art & craft culture of Japan. While I was in the design team I made lots of illustration for tableware and one of my most successful projects was [Nambangara Ezu] series. It had won numerous awards representing Yokohama and became the staple of the tableware brand.


As I dig into the tableware business, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to produce a tablewares for a younger generations. I decided to feature my partner and create a concept store, a spin-off from Masuda Arts Porcelain called ANTSHOP. Hiro Masuda is a son of the creator Masuda Arts Porcelain and I wanted him to break some rules and make high-end tablewares more appealing to the younger generation. HIro had a very keen eye and a original sense to his art works. I thought he would be the perfect person to spotlight on. The concept of this store was through tableware, making a daily life into an artistic life. Our slogan was [Change your tableware & your life will change].

【器が変われば、生活も変わる。】をモットーに活動して行った15年、出会った方々から沢山の刺激を受け、お互いに良い相乗効果を得た事を実感。器を飾る事をより良く理解すべく、テーブルウェアフェスティバル(東京ドーム)にて、テーブルウェアーコーディネートコンペで2年連続入選。器と言えば食。食をより理解したく、私なりに食と向き合う。(詳しくはCooking classのリンクをクリック)テーブルコーディネートに欠かさない花も生活に取り入れたく、草月流生花を10年学ぶ。食卓って本当に奥深いと実感した15年間。食卓が豊かで幸せで溢れていると、本当に生活が変わるんだと自ら体感した。

ANTSHOP project lasted for 15yrs and through this project, I, myself was influence by our slogan: [Change your tableware & your life will change]. Through this project, met with so many like minded people, exchange thought and info leaded me to study more about tableware. I studied table decoration and was a runner-up 2yrs in a row at a table decoration competition in Tokyo. Learning about the table decoration lead me to study flower arrangement and ended up studying Ikebana for 10yrs. While I was indulged into ikebana, I also wanted to study about heathy cooking (influence by my customer) and started my journey from Macrobiotic cooking ending up to an organic cooking class for 10yrs. All these journey started with just one thought in my mind, trying to make my daily life into an artistic one.


Due to the bad economy in Japan, Masuda Arts Porcelain decide to make a bold decision to scale down the business. ANTSHOP was the first store to close and ended up closing all the Masuda Art retail store in Japan. It was a sad yet a tough decision but keeping the spirit of Masuda Art is more important than the object itself.


The spirit of Masuda art is the spirit of Yokohama which brings me back to square one, what is Yokohama. In the midst of Covid, to keep the spirit of what this place, Yokohama had taught me, I decided to record my life in this town, what I hold as true authentic to the city, which leads your understanding of what is Japan itself. I hope this little outlet will lead you to this beautiful country.

Thai & Chinese heritage


Born in Bangkok, I’m a 4th gen Chinese Thai.

Japanese spirit


Moved to Japan when I was 2 month old. My Japanese runs deep into my blood.

American Pop


Brought up in an international school in a port city of Kobe. As a kid, was taken back by the western culture at school and I questioned everything. East vs West, Male vs Female, Rich vs Poor, experienced so many discrimination since kid but this diverse environment really made me able to interact with people from all over the world.

Art Education


While deciding my path for the further education, Japan was experiencing surge of economy. People was overly dressed up in brand name cloth, large budget project where popping up and the whole surreal feeling made me felt lost. My only passion was art and I chose to go to an art school in the states. I luckily got into one of the best school in the state but soon blown away by my elite classmates. I still wish I was more mature and experience when I enrolled the school. During my four years in art school, my view toward the world had completely flipped. The frustration I had while in high school, living in bubbly Japan had been blown away. Learning what it is to be an artist really made my heart sing with joy.