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All pieces are hand builded and hand decorated therefore each pieces are unique. As you can see my ceramics are not aimed to make a perfect clean cut kind of pieces but more toward primitive side. You can think of it as my message, my tone of language, how I want to communicate through pottery making. I love to cook, therefore each pieces are made with the intention to look beautiful when the food is on.


To purchase these items please mail for the shipping fee quotation. We ship domestically (within Japan) and working on shipping internationally. Domestically the shipping will be by Japan parcel post and the price will be according to the size of the box + handling and packing fee (200yen). For international shipment we are planning to ship via Japan parcel post and will take around 2 weeks to arrive ( tracking number included). The cost will be calculated according to the weight of the parcel + the handling and packing fee (200yen).


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Celadon Glazed salad plate

Oranudh Pottery 2022

D 20cm / H 3.5cm (around)

A hand built, hand carved salad plate for light meals.

3,300 yen (tax included)

Small size Peony bowl

Oranudh Pottery 2021

D 11cm / H 5.5cm (around)

A small bowl for soup or rice. Hand built and hand painted.

2,200 yen (tax included)

Medium size Peony bowl

Oranudh Pottery 2021

D 15cm / H 6cm (around)

A medium bowl for soup or salads. Hand built and hand painted.

2,750 yen (tax included)

Textured Kakubachi (set of 2)

Oranudh Pottery 2022

Large 15.5cm x 15cm / H 4.5cm

Small 13cm x 12.5 / H3cm

An experimental pieces with red clay, decorated with red iron oxide, clear glaze decorated with geometric pattern.

6,600 yen (tax included) for a set of two pieces.

White slip 18cm Peony plate

Oranudh Pottery 2022

18cm / H 3cm

An experimental pieces with red clay, white slip, clear glaze decorated with peony flower.

We only have 4 pieces of this.

2,750 yen (tax included) for each pieces.

White ware chopstick rest

Oranudh Pottery 2021

Hand painted on white clay the word “福” which means fortune or good luck.

We have only 5 pieces and each are all unique. 330yen each and all for 1650yen.

Celadon glazed small square bowl

Oranudh Pottery 2022

7cm x 7cm / H 2cm

Hand build, hand decorated celadon glazed bowls.

Each bowls are decorated with peony flower (inside) and a leaf pattern outside.

Only 9 in stock and each are 880yen (including tax)

Sometsuke Octagonal plate M

Oranudh Pottery 2020

17cm / H 2.5cm

Hand build, hand painted in cobalt pigment.

One of my earlier pieces, when everything was more carved out in a raw way.

2200yen (including tax)

Sumire small soup plate

Oranudh Pottery 2021

19~20cm / H 3.5cm

Experiment pieces by using different technique.

Price range from 2200yen ~2750yen