Sumire small soup plate

Sumire small soup plate (19cm) No.1 2,750 yen

Sumire small soup plate (19.5cm) No.2 2,750 yen

Sumire small soup plate (19cm) No.3 2,200 yen

Sumire small soup plate (19.5cm) No.4 2,200 yen

Sumire is violet in Japanese. I carved out the 4 violet flower and placed them in circles, just like a lei. I then played with the cobalt underglaze and let it smudge while painting.

The combination earthen red clay with a slip, carved & painted in cobalt fired with a celadon glaze turned out to be not as I expected in a good way. The warm green color of the glaze, the pink halo from the chemical reaction of the slip from firing, the cobalt color all combined with a flower motif looks like a Hawaiian or Balinese design.

19cm soup plate is “small” for the western standard. This “small” size were inspired from the asian soup plates. I love dining in an old neighborhood in Bangkok, at those old Thai Chinese casual shop houses. The portions are always small and was perfect for ordering more than a dish. The small size fit so naturally in Thai culture and I never realized about the size difference until when I was selecting some to take back to Japan. Afterward I found out that not only in Thai but also in Hong kong was using the same size. Since then I decided to make these smaller version soup plates. Good for noodles, curries and any stir fried dishes.

Note* There are two plates, No. 3 and No. 4 which the center of the plate is not fully glazed. They can be used as normal, nothing will crack or leak but because of that I marked the price a bit lower than the regular ones. These pieces are experimental pieces and I am not planning to make them anymore so if the little defects matters, please do not buy them. For those who don’t mind, you can get it a bit cheeper and can enjoy as much as the others.



注意* 上の4枚の内、3番目と4番目の器の中心に釉薬がかかって無い箇所が少しあります。器は高温で焼しまっております故、使う分には全く問題は無いのですが、(割りたり、ヒビが入ったり、滲みたりする事は無い)気になる方がいるだろうと言う事でこの2枚だけお値段を少し安く設定して有ります。こう言った感じは苦手な方はお求めにならぬ様お願いいたします。こちらのデザインは色んな試みと実験によって生まれた作品なので、もう作る事は無いと思います。エキゾチックな、ちょっと南国ぽい感じがお好きな方(家のインテリアとマッチするようなら)に是非使って頂きたいです。アジアンぽく作ったつもりが南国っぽい、和風と南国のハイブリッドと言う感じです。

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