Textured Kakubachi (set of 2)

Textured Kakubachi (set of 2)  6,600 yen

Kakubachi is a Japanese word meaning square bowls. These shapes, walled square bowl derived from the bento boxes but without a lid. It’s very common to see these kind of shapes in Japan and if you are a Japanese, you can imagine countless ways to use these vessels. I made these in 2 size so the smaller one fits in the large one and we call these “Ireko” in Japanese. By making the bowls Ireko, we can store them easily and won’t take up space.

The bowls are hand builded and carefully shaped into squares. Hand painted in red iron oxide to give the overall warm tone to the bowls.

(Large bowl vs small bowl. 大きい方と小さい方。)


(View of the Large bowl from all four angles. 大きい方の鉢を四方向より。)

(The closer view of the bowls. 鉢をアップで。)

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