White slip 18cm Peony plate

White slip 18cm Peony plate No.1 2,750 yen

White slip 18cm Peony plate No.2 2,750 yen

White slip 18cm Peony plate No.3 2,750 yen

White slip 18cm Peony plate No.4 2,750 yen

All pieces are hand builded and are all unique. The decoration on the surface are free-hand painting of a traditional peony flower. Peony are seen a lot in Asian pottery and the means abundance. I tried to let the stroke be as loose as possible while painting to give a relaxed feel. The wish on these plates are to bring a lot of abundance for our family.

18cm size plate is not flat but a like a shallow bowl in the center. It’s good with small portion of salad, marinates with its sauce, simmered vegetable with its broth. The size, proportion is for Asian meals. In Japan we also use these as “Torizara 取り皿” which is a little buffet plate. Also, as a reminder there are no rules so go wild and experiment with it and have fun.



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