Cabbage / Cut them up!

In these hot summer days, I try to prepare the foods while it’s still cooler in the morning. I’ll cut them in various shapes depending on how I want to cook it later, put them in a plastic case and pop it in the fridge for later use.

In these photos are how I cut the cabbage for preparing for stir frying it from left to right :

  1. I will use 1/4 cabbage
  2. cut them in half
  3. loosen them
  4. in small pieces
  5. separate the leaf with the stem
  6. by tearing them apart
  7. i like tearing them rather than cutting
  8. because the leaves cling with the sauce more better when stir frying
  9. slice the stem so the thickness is the same as the leaves
  10. so it cooks evenly while stir frying
  11. place it in a container and
  12. pop it in the fridge

When getting ready for stir frying, you can just prepare the sauce or slice up some proteins and grab these cabbage from the fridge.


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