Goma-shio is salted sesame in Japanese. My introduction to this spice (?) was when I started learning about macrobiotic cooking. My instructor taught me that goma-shio is good topped on brown rice. It enhance the flavor of the rice plus it’s make the whole meal more nutritious.

I don’t use goma-shio so often but like today, when I don’t have much option to go with my rice (no meat, veggies etc) just a dash of goma-shio does make one riceball into a very fulfilling meal. And of course, if this completes with a bowl of miso soup, a few slices of pickles, that would be a humble, but a perfect meal.

Where to find ? Goma-shio can be fine in any supermarkets here in Japan. Abroad, you can get them in Japanese supermarket and because it is a macrobiotic basic, you can check at your local organic market which carries macrobiotic grocery.





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