Jyuraku 聚楽

Yes I was back to Juraku again, and this time I got Malay sponge cake or Maragao and a bag of my fav apricot kernel cookies. Juraku is most famous for it’s Malay cake. I bake them so no need to get them ( plus it’s really easy to bake them) but my husband wanted some and I thought it was a good idea to try the good ones to compare with the ones I make for improvement.


Juraku sells two type of Malay cakes. The one in the picture with milk and sugar and the other one is lighter in color and w/o the milk. The lighter ones taste might lighter. The owner recommended the one I bought (the darker one) and if it’s your first time buying one I recommend this one.


We had it with tea at home in that afternoon. The cake was soft, spongy and moist. The taste was very delicately flavored and not so sweet.


I’ve change the map and manage to embed the google map. I hope this will make it easier to locate the stores.

今回から地図の表示の仕方を変え、Google mapを埋め込んで見ました。これにより、お店がより探しやすいかと思いますのでお役立てください。



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