Nambu Tei

Went to Nambu Shijyo (Nambu Market) and dropped by at Nambu Tei for an early lunch. Nambu Tei is a cafeteria with 4 restaurants and open from 8am till 2pm. This place operate for the people who works at the wholesale market but open to the public too. It’s usually crowed in the morning and during lunch time but today I went in at 10:30 so it was very quiet.

After a big renovation 2yrs ago, Nambu Shijyo expanded the outlet into a food related park, to bring in more public people. The area is divided into 2 sections, one is a mini wholesale area [Shoku no senmonten gai] where pro come in to pick up some food related products and is open from 6am till 2pm. In this area, there are 40 shops, which sells in wholesale price. The other section which opened 2yrs ago is call [Branch] and is located side by side to [Shoku no senmonten]. The [Branch] area holds 30 outlets including a huge super market, butcher, fish monger, fresh produce with some restaurants. This area is open from 10am till around 8pm. Even though [Branch] is not a wholesaler, they still sell in a very competitive price.

I recommend to go in the morning while the [Shoku no Senmonten] is still open at around 9am. (The parking lot is still relatively easier to park because the [Branch] section is still close.) Browse around the wholesale section for bargain and slowly walk into the [Branch] section. AVE a supermarket chain store is very popular here and you would see queue to get in the store before it opens. The fish monger sells fresh catches from nearby port, the butcher sell Hayama beef at a reasonable price.




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